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Jaleesa Johnson

Alien In Da Room

I’m a graphic/fashion designer based out of NY. I make unique clothing and other accessories for the woman who likes to stand out in a room! 🤗


Nikki G.

Atlanta Braids, LLC

Metro Atlanta's Premier Mobile Hairstyling Network


Myriah Pointer

Secret Hair Lounge

Hello I’m Myriah and I am a kids hair stylist. I work out of a shop by the name of Hairiffic Kids Salon. I have always had a passion for hair especially children styles. I offer multiple specials during the week so follow me and turn on your notifications.


Yahnel Jones

Yahnel’s Touch

I’m a young, black entrepreneur trying to pave the way to generational wealth for my future family.


Jah B

IdentiFLY Customs

I love expressing myself as an individual whenever possible. I started this brand so that others could share their individuality to the world too!


Darnell Reid

Paparazzi Films

I own Paparazzi Films a multi media for film, coding, and photography.


Makisha Rogan

Tru Remy Luxury Virgin Hair Company

My background is in public health but I've always been fascinated about everything beauty! I started wearing hair extensions a long time ago to protect my real hair. I was damaging my hair with the flat irons by applying to much heat everyday. Hair extensions kept my real hair protected. Hair weaves were convenient for me as I attended school and worked full-time. It takes a short amount of time to style and requires little maintenance.


Zoo Gotti

Gotti Wear LLC

I'm a clothing designer


Kapree Reeder

The People’s Choice Cleaning Services

The owner. We have been in business for 9 months and we service the Atlanta area.


Nichelle Gooden


President of G&G Mobile Fleet Wash LLC


G.Andre Sealy

DaWit Publishing LLC

G. A. Sealy aka “The Translator for Children” because of his ability to transform complex concepts into fun, easy to read stories, is a multi-award-winning author, and a STREAM and Health Educator. Also, the Creative Director for DaWit Publishing LLC based in Atlanta, he has been a featured author in various literary festivals throughout the country and is the recipient of 5 book awards for his Young Scientist, and I Love Me Series of books. G.A. has worked as an Educator and trainer in New York and Georgia, and has been recognized in Who’s Who in Education multiple times throughout his career. He is also the Founder of K.I.D.S. (Keeping In Dynamic Shape) an organization dedicated to educating children & families about health and wellness.


Anthony Hezekiah

Living Our Ridiculous Dreams

I’m from Valdosta GA. I moved to Atlanta almost 8 years ago to make something happen in my life. I’ve had several good jobs but that was never fulfilling. I realized that dreams come true and we have the power to live those dreams no matter how “ridiculous” they may seem.


FaNeician Russ


I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur but overall I am a Queen. I've made many past mistakes and been in situations I never would of imagined, but I pushed through all obstacles! I've learned alot, grew alot, and became wiser in each situation to turn it around. Owning my own business was something I always wanted. Staying determined throughout the years I became stronger and smarter, having to honor up my own life and I encourage you to do the same! #honorup


Emmanuel Glaze

Optimize The Vizion

Founder/CEO of Optimize the Business


Tekoa Savage

Kaeess Nail Polish

Tekoa K. Savage created Kaeess Nail Polish to continue her self-care routine that she enjoyed since she was a child. It was a true coping mechanism to uplift and motivate herself while in foster care. Yet as she got older, the smell from the nail polish was so potent that she began her research in nontoxic nail polishes to continue her self-care routine. She could never find the right one, either the polish did not last long or she could not find the colors that embodied her personality. She was also compelled to fill the gap in the beauty industry due to lack of representation. Thus, Kaeess Nail Polish was born. A line of artistic and bold color creations that is nontoxic and cruelty free.


Shamakia Stephens

Inspirational Rose Coaching

I am originally from Atlanta, GA born and raised. From a single family home of my mother and late grandmother. I accepted my gift and calling to help after my grandmother passed and I hit rock bottom. And opened my eyes and gained my clarity.


Jordan White


Born and raised in a small town called Graceville, Florida, Jordan grew up as a boy called by many names. Many names that weren't Jordan. In 2010 he took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta. While Jordan didn't have a clue what he wanted to do he did know he wanted to create a better life for himself. That can only happen when you completely believe in yourself and God.


Ronshana Mitchell

Denver's Bottom

I'm a devoted single mom of one residing in beautiful South Florida. I started Denver's Bottom to not only provide for me and my daughter but to be that role model for her, showing her the importance in owning your own as blacks and black women. I enjoy sewing and tending to my little one and look forward to teaching her the craft!


Danielle Procope Bell

Mertina Writing Services

Danielle founded MWS in 2015 to help students and young professionals like herself. She has nearly a decade of experience in copy editing and writing tutoring and enjoys using her expertise to ensure the best results for her multitude of clients. Danielle has a bachelor's degree in English and Philosophy from University of the Pacific and two master's degrees in Comparative Literature and English from University College London and Vanderbilt University, respectively. She has a strong history of working as an academic and professional editor and has personally assisted hundreds of students. She finds this work rewarding—especially when she's able to help students gain acceptance into programs or receive scholarships. Since 2015, MWS has developed a track record of providing quality writing assistance to clients throughout the world and she’s excited to see this business continue help many more individuals.


Mercedes Handsome

Clean Slate Cleaning

I am a single mom who works in the medical field. I also do natural hair and tutorials when I have the time.


Andrew Davenport

A Good Look Home Inspection

I am a veteran who is a full time home inspector. I love what I do and what I do is educate buyers!


ELona Andrews


I’m an African American Woman who’s mission is to impact lives while inner channeling the DIVA/DEVO within themselves


Deirdra Massey


Deirdra Massey Owner, Marketer


Kiara Merrill

Wildfire Healing, LLC

I am an Atlanta-based intuitive and practitioner of the healing arts.



Beauty Trap House LLC

Born and raised in Atlanta. Just a girl trying to make a better life for myself and kids


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Dondre Anderson

Symphony Chips

We are a family owned business that offers gourmet products starting with potato chips and ending pastries.


Marcell Ausborn

Solutions in HR, LLC

As a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer and personal brand strategist, Marcell focuses on career makeovers. With more than 25 years of HR experience, he uses his diverse background to strategically partner with bright and talented professionals seeking more meaningful work which is consistent with their values, lifestyle, and goals. Marcell helps professionals discover their true selves and assist them with a clear outlook and a renewed sense of commitment to themselves. He guides them to clarity, a renewed sense of direction, and an actionable career reinvention plan.


Deja Smith

Aú Ntrl

My name is De’Ja. You can always find me…..outside, honestly. Wandering. Exploring. Discovering. I’m constantly mesmerized by the effortless beauty + order of the Earth, and with that, I’m always looking to feed my never ending thirst for knowledge surrounding life. I Am a naturalist at heart. I’m very fond of the natural world around us and I whole heartedly believe in using it to heal your body inside and out. Nature inspires me on so many different levels. Since a young age, I’ve always had that connection to it, and as the years went on, I’ve developed an even deeper connection + understanding that continuously enhances my life. I created Aú Ntrl as a reflection of my relationship with nature


Eliza Cabrera

Billionaire Coming Soon

1st generation Dominican passionate in motivating women of color to create multiple streams of income by utilizing the power of the internet and social media.


Shannon Griffin


I'm the youngedt if six and I love to design and create. My profession is in social work and fasion design. I am a cancer survivor and I help other survivirs thrive after cancer with a yearly conference called Survive& Thrive Cancer Recovery


K. Taylor

Universal Salon Suites

A motivated entrepreneur


Sherell Frederick


I’m from New Orleans, La. I moved to Georgia a year ago to be with family and also to better myself. I’ve been employed with Costco for 5 years, I’m ready to fully commit to my business and what I really want to do. I enjoy traveling and taking pictures.


Natalie Gullatt

BMAA - Black Marketers Association of America

Natalie Gullatt is a marketing communications professional of Atlanta, GA. An Atlanta native, Natalie Gullatt graduated from Frederick Douglass High School where she was honored with the Atlanta Journal Constitution Cup for being the Best All Around senior is her class. Natalie is an Emory University graduate where she received her Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Theater Studies. Upon graduating Natalie went on to work as a paralegal for a few years. After deciding law school was not her immediate passion, she attended Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management to pursue her MBA with a concentration in Marketing. While getting her MBA, Natalie spent time living abroad in both China and India for a year before finishing her MBA in Cleveland, OH. Once receiving her MBA, Natalie returned to her hometown, Atlanta GA and began her career as a marketing/communications professional at various organizations. Natalie is also an active member of the Atlanta community. She serves at the President of the Caucus of Emory Black Alumni, active member of the National Black MBA Association Atlanta chapter through the marketing committee and founder of the Black Marketers Association of America group established in 2017.


Ayanna S Jenkins

Yummies by Yhannie

I am a former high school educator and administrator who started baking as a way to ha e more control over my time and energy. I Have been baking for three years but started full time this past September.


Ricki Elam

Reiki w/Ricki

I am a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner based in Cleveland Ohio I also do intuitive tarot readings as well as visual artistry


Marquita reynolds

Mashunna collection

I'm marquita Reynolds mother of 4 and married from Richmond va


Stephania Biddings

Queen Bee Hair and Body Care, Inc

I am a veteran educator high school and college, who is now a student of aromatherapy and natural care product development.



The Addicted Life

Blogger turned streetwear pusher


Shakia Moore

Everything Milan, LLC



Kendrick Harris

Pockit Full Of Stones

A copper lapidary artist from East Atlanta


Quiana Jackson

Moon Goddess Tarot, LLC

I have always been deeply drawn to the Moon as a child and it has been very therapeutic for me even as an adult...little did I know, the connection was much deeper. I've been studying astrology, dream interpretations, and crystal healing for years, but began studying tarot late 2016/early 2017. In June 2018, Moon Goddess was revealed to me as a Vision during a meditation session. To read more about that experience, read about it here. I found that tarot was another major tool for my own Inner Healing and that I could utilize this gift to be of Service to others in providing Guidance for their healing by Tarot/Oracle cards and more. I was called to Teach others how to use the Moon's energy to heal, to dive deep into their own ocean of emotions, and use their inner light to move through the darkness. Being able to share my own healing tools with others and see them benefiting from it brightens up my World.


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Ernest Duncan

Experimax Midtown Atlanta

In this chapter of his life journey, Ernest has taken the numerous lessons accumulated over three decades and started his own business in Midtown Atlanta as the owner of Experimac Midtown Atlanta. Ernest has a vast knowledge and experience focused on helping organizations focus on the particular issues of governance, fiscal infrastructure and human resources that directly impact the organizations’ continuing success. His experience encompasses internal control reviews, risk assessments, and organizational development.


Janelle Glenn


Hello, my name is Janelle! I am a creative in every sense of the word! I have a strong connection to the arts and holistic medicine. I am owner and founder of JAG 2x LLC and under my company I have three growing black owned businesses which are Amber Najiha Designs, Jammin’ Janelle’s Kitchen, and Althea beginning of a juicery! I am also the CCO of LeighNi Travels LLC which is a travel agency that is black women owned!


Joshua Bivens

Porterhouse Lawn

Joshua Bivens, age 30


Nahja Schaffer

Lashed By Naee

I’m 17 years old currently focusing on graduating from high school. I enjoy lashing people out it relaxes me .


Anna B-e

Jus Bfly

I love to write and talk my ish. Words are an outlet for me and for a lot of others. Just out here helping to inspire women to bring out the inner ish talker in a cute way!!


Joshira Maduro

Dreams Over Debt

I am a brand expert and have worked in both finance and branding for the past 7 years. I graduated college with $132,000 and paid off over $70,000 of that debt in less than 7 years. My business aims to help others pay off their debt while being able to realize their dreams. I special in budgets and payoff plans as well as refinance analysis.


Jarquisha Hollings

Therapy Boutique & Vegan Bakery

My name is Jari; and I’m an undergrad at Penn State looking to make my mark as an economist and “mommypreneur”


Ronesha Saulsberry

Glam Cake Cosmetics

31 year old mompreneur dealing with the day to day operations of a business, whole being the best mother I can be.