Use What You Got, To Get What You Need!

Welcome back to another edition of Business & Budgets. Today we will be talking resources. There are so many missed opportunities, income left on the table and bad decisions made because individuals fail to utilize their resources effectively. There are four different levels of resources that I would like to introduce you to:

Internal Resources: Starting with your internal resources will give you a huge leg up when it comes to goal execution. So many people aren't where they want to be because they refuse to get off their ass and use what they have. What do you have that can help you? What skills, talents and wisdom do you possess? How can you utilize these gifts to help you work toward your goals? How do you obtain basic foundational information? Do you prefer libraries or Google?

In-House Resources: Your family, roommates and whoever else is under your roof gives you access to another source of resources. Some of these resources can be as simple as a being your accountability partner, others can be as large as assisting you with funding for your new business. Just know a closed mouth doesn't get feed. So make sure to communicate with these individuals to learn more about their resources and how they can be beneficial to you.

Community Resources: These are the resources that are specially offered to you as a resident of a particular community or region. Some examples of these type of programs include first time home buyer programs that are based on state or county of residency. Other examples of community resources include private organizations, libraries or state ran programs just for you. Look into what your community has to offer and take advantage of it.

Network Resources: Your largest circle of resource opportunity lies in your network. As the old saying goes, it's not what you know, it's who you know. So who do you know that can give you access to the resources you need? LinkedIn is a great place to grow your network, it also gives you insight on what people do and where they work. This information, paired with that individual's posts can give you a leg up on what resources they have or that they have access to.

Now you are aware of your different types of resources, let's break down the five steps to applying your resources to meet a specific goal.

1) Determine what your goal is

2) Determine five steps/tasks/actions that need to be taken before you can reach your goal

3) Determine what resources your already have that will help you reach your goals

4) List what resources are still required to help you reach your goal

5) Get to work! Now you know what you have and what you need, make a plan of action

Here's an example:

1) I would like to buy my first home.

2) Work on credit score. Save money. Find realtor. Choose preferred school districts. Look at houses.

3) I can start paying down my credit cards and loans after I review them all on Credit Karma. Search for realtors online and make a list of five to call. Make a list of houses I like and why I like them, share this list with realtor once chosen.

4) Check with investor friends to see if they have realtor suggestions. Funds for down payment help, probably through a first time homebuyer program.

5) I'm giving myself 3 weeks to handle the first five steps of my plan.

Now, it's your turn. You now know where to look for resources and how to utilize them, so how will you use these tools to reach your goals? Being that this post is all about resources I'll give you a few of my favorite resources in the topic areas I'm asked about most often.



Unity is Wealth


Nerd Wallet


Business Development SBA: Small Business Association


I hope these sites prove to be useful to you. I am also working on a book list to share. I've read so many books and I'm going to compile a list of only the most useful ones.

In conclusion when it comes to resources, the rules are simple because it's only one:

Use what you got to get what you need, that is the only way you will succeed!

Start with your resources and work your way out until you have everything you need to achieve your goals. Just remember if you don't start, you'll never go anywhere! If you're gonna reach your goals you have to start where you are. I hope that you subscribe to the blog if you haven't already and stay tuned for more tips on saving money, saving time and reaching your goals!