Sonshine Enterprise has Revamped

Welcome back! This post is a sidebar to our recent Business & Budget content, but I wanted to share my updates with you all. If you haven't noticed, The Sonshine Enterprise has gotten a facelift. The brand has revamped to better serve our audience of choice with the products and services they need most. You'll notice that some services have been removed, some products have been added and that our brand has become a lot more consistent. I am moving away from the identity of a Business & Efficiency Consultant and moving back to who I truly am. Jacqueline, the Millennial Mompreneur. I kept my platform very broad when I started this business nearly three years ago. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't leaving any money on the table, I wanted to serve as many small business clients that I could. This resulted in me having some really great contracts, as well as a few business breakups. I have used those experiences to help me determine what I do and don't like, as well as who I do and don't enjoy working with. So, I'm going back to my roots of serving millennials and mompreneurs. I will use my skillset to continue to help individuals save money in their everyday lives, so that they can invest in themselves to build the company of their dreams.

Top Three Reasons for my Revamp

  1. I want to get back to my roots. From the day that I created Sonshine, I wanted to cater to moms. The name of my company was developed with my son in mind, my little Sonshine. One day the company will become a corporate and a mini-empire that I will gift him. I am now in a space to help more parents to do the same for their children.

  2. I want my brands to work together cohesively. When I first started The Sonshine Enterprise, Momming on a Budget did not exist. Then, it was just a blog and now it has spread it's wings and has a life of it's own. Before the revamp Sonshine was serving all sorts of entrepreneurs and Momming on a Budget was serving economically focused moms. The intersection of these two brands was clear, business owners who liked to save, primarily mompreneurs who need to save in order to have extra month to invest in their business.

  3. I want to be more transparent about my journey as not only as a business owner but also as a mom. By revamping my brand to focus on my personal side I am able to be more open and honest with my audience about my journey.

What Are My Plans for 2019

As part of my revamp I have really taken the time to map out some goals for my company unlike ever before. Here's a few things for you guys to look forward to in the coming months:

  • More consistent with my video content, to help business owners and moms with saving, stacking and growing their business. Follow me on IG @sonshine_enterprise and tune in at 11:11am EST every Saturday to catch Business & Budgets live.

  • Will invite business owners to join the live trainings to be interviewed and to tell share their stories on entrepreneurship.

  • Help as many business owners as possible achieve their goals and help more aspiring businesses get started, my goal is 500+ this year including one-on-one clients and those who will purchase my digital content.

  • Give business owners a platform to share their business and grow their clientele, if you are interested you can apply here: Business Listing Page

  • Release book 2 of the Momming on a Budget Series. If you haven't purchase book one yet, check out the free preview here: Saving Money & Time in the Kitchen.

  • Being more consistent with my son's brand Deuce Does, he really wants to grow his Youtube page and he has some really cool merch ideas too.

  • Creating discounts and promo offers more consistently to allow people who are interested to "test" out my services without making a huge investment upfront.

  • Develop more digital products with lessons and how-tos for hands on entrepreneurs who are ready to put the work in to grow their business.

  • Create more tools and release more tips for mommies who are ready to save more money.

  • Having more community based discussions and planning sessions, to bring together like minded individuals who are ready to make a difference in our communities.

  • More lessons on side hustles and the power of collective investments

I look forward to having an amazing 2019 and I hope you all hang on for the ride. As always be sure to like, share and subscribe.