Snacks for Small Bellies & Small Budgets

We all want our babies to eat good and live well. We want nothing but good fruits and veggies in their diets, with no fast food. But, let’s be honest, we’re moms, we’re busy and we’re tired. Which makes good eating such a demanding chore. I want to help you make it easier to actually meet your healthy eating goal, without breaking the bank.

Make your snacks in bulk: Save yourself the time by just making a bunch of snacks when you are making one, it’s worth the extra 5 minutes, I promise. Just grab a couple before you head out and the house, and avoid the fast food stops to cure their hunger. You also have them conveniently on hand for when you’re doing other things around the house. Here’s a few ideas for quick, easy, cheap snacks that you can stick in small 2-4 oz containers or sandwich bags

  1. Apple slices and peanut butter (the apples will last 3-5 days in the fridge once sliced)

  2. Carrots/celery and dip (ranch or peanut butter)

  3. Mini wraps (use 6 inch flour tortillas, stick in baked chicken chunks/lunch meat with lettuce, cheese or anything else)

  4. Make a pan of granola bars using your kids favs (cut them into squares and stick them into airtight bags)

  5. Cheese blocks (add nuts, strawberries or anything else)

  6. Yogurt and pretzels (if your kid isn’t a yogurt dipper maybe try go-gurts here)

  7. MINI-PIZZAS! obviously my favorite (bake/buy crust, cut it into kid size portions; put cheese, pizza sauce and pepperonis in a storage container; add a Popsicle stick or plastic butter knife for spreading)

Target containers

One of my favorite snack containers are Glad brand 8 ct, 4 oz, you can find these at Walmart for about $4. I also like these 8 oz containers for larger snacks, they come in a 6 ct at Target for $3. Or click here to check them out on my Amazon page.

Make the snacks accessible: Do you have a toddler that won’t stay out the fridge? Do they grab the ketchup and onions constantly? Do yourself a favor. Put healthy snack choices on kid accessible shelves to encourage healthy snacking. Wash off some apples, add a few snack containers of grapes/strawberries/cantaloupes, maybe some yogurts and mini water bottles. The more bad food they see, the more bad food they desire. Keep the cookies and cakes out of sight, cookie jars are great.

Take the extra minute and pack the snack: Now you’ve done all this snack planning, the most important step is to follow through. How many times are you out and about, running errands, enjoying the sunshine and your toddler bursts into a hunger fit. You stick a applesauce squeeze in his hand, you scramble around your purse for the straw to the milk box, because who needs a diaper bag for a 3 year old. Sound familiar? Take the extra three minutes to put the snacks and drinks into an insulated lunch bag. You’ll thank yourself later when the snacks are still cold and easy to get to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I look forward to helping every mommy I can save time and money. Look for the next “Momming on a Budget” post next Monday!

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