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Momming on a Budget: Christmas Edition

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Momming on a Budget! I know you think I'm out my mind talking about Christmas in February, as if we didn't just survive shoppoloosa just two months ago. But, I want to help you start planning for Christmas now, so that this winter can be a smooth one. Christmas shouldn't be about last minute shopping. It should be about family. So, I'll show you how to get that shopping done early, so that you can actually enjoy some quality time this year.

Santa Claus Status: Make Your List and Check it Twice

I tried something new this year by creating my entire Christmas list at the beginning of the year. I listed everybody that I planned on purchasing a gift for, I then set a budget for everybody's gift. I totaled the amount and decided it was a bit too much spending for one Christmas. So, I made a few tweaks to make the total something I was more comfortable with. You also can determine your budget in reverse order, set a total then divide it among your family members.

I then split that amount into 12 equal sums for monthly set asides. I made a template with everything mapped out, Click Here for Your Free Copy!

Shop With Summer Elves for Half the Price

So here's how I really clean up and make a bang for my buck. I shop the clearance and sales aisles all year to collect Christmas gifts. I shop for jewelry at department store seasonal sales, not Black Friday sales though. Toys I consistently pick up in the aisles of Target and Walmart throughout the year. I pick up stuff for my friends at Victoria's Secret during the semi-annual sales. And I always keep Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx in rotation to X off those last check-boxes on the list. Christmas in July is what I live by!

Be a Good Mrs. Claus, Hide the Presents and the Payments

If you truly want to be successful this Christmas you have to do some careful and sneaky planning. First things first open up a new checking account, keep this money separate. It also will keep your shopping secret from that sneaky spouse of yours. As you purchase gifts make sure to only use this account, that way it doesn’t mix up and interfere with your budget. Once you have the money safely tucked away make sure you find a good present spot too. The only downside about this method of Christmas shopping is that I do a lot of toy hiding, all year round. Make sure you have a good place to put them, use a friend’s house if needed. I bought Deuce a huge Power Wheel for his 3rd Christmas and it “hid” in the middle of a friend’s dining room under a sheet. Deuce wasn’t allowed over her house for 2 weeks and had no idea why. Don’t ruin the surprise with sloppy planning, make sure to keep those little investigators clueless.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. You’re now prepared for Christmas planning! If you have any questions or comments reach out to me at tbyd@thesonshinenterprise.com

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