Mamas in Pajamas: A series for Mompreneurs

Welcome back to Business & Budgets! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I have officially wrapped up the Business & Budgets live series. It was a great series and I definitely enjoyed engaging with each and everyone of you. As we enter into the new year I am now rolling out a new live series dubbed, Mamas in Pajamas!

Here's some topics that we will be covering during this series.

  • Balancing Business and Babies

  • How to take care of yourself, when you're taking care of everybody else

  • How to budget your time and money

  • Teaching your kids about business and finance

  • How and when to outsource

  • and so much more!

I decided to change the live series time and focus, based on what my viewers needs are. Many people informed me that 11am was early for them, so I ran a poll on Instagram and allowed my followers to choose the date and time. The first episode will be this upcoming Sunday on January 12th at 9:00pm EST. Each episode will be on Sunday at 9pm EST. I also decided to make the change because I noticed that most of my viewers were mompreneurs and were most engaged with my content that directly related to them.

I want to open up this series to my fellow working-moms, juggling moms and mompreneurs to share their story. I will do that by inviting a special guest in on every other episode. As we learn about each other, we can all learn tips on how to be more productive on this journey. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, I would love to have you! Please click here and complete the form to submit your interest.

So, get your pajamas ready, your glass of wine and let's talk about the art of balancing business and babies.

See you Sunday!