Life After Quarantine

Between social media, the news and family members; everybody seems to know the answer of what we should be doing during quarantine. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't have the answers. But, I have taken some time to reflect on life and I have a few tips that I would like to share regarding life after quarantine. Never in our lifetime have we been given the opportunity to pause and reflect in such a way. I think that we should make the most of it to envision and create the life we would like to live when this is over. Here are my six areas of focus to zoom in on to prepare yourself for the life you deserve post-quarantine.

  1. Mindset: What are you doing with your mind? How are you keeping yourself mentally stimulated in during such a bleak time? What would you like to work on, craft or develop for your life after quarantine? As they say, "time is money." So how can you use this free-time to develop some money generating ideas?

  2. Money: Do you enjoy how you were making money before quarantine? Was the labor to payment ratio worth it? If not, what are you going to do about it? Are there other positions or companies that you would prefer to work at? Now is a great time to add additional income streams to your portfolio, if successful you may not need to return to that job at all.

  3. Schedule: Do you enjoy working outside of the house eight plus hours a day? How's your commute? Think about if that pre-quarantine schedule truly made you happy and if it allowed you to thrive as you would like. If it did not, think about what hours you would prefer to work and how many hours you would like to work daily. What positions, roles or income options would make your goals a reality? What about your daily schedule? What have you added into your routine? What will you do to ensure you keep those things in your schedule moving forward?

  4. Family Life: During this quarantine you've probably been seeing your family a lot, some people would probably even say they've been seeing them too much. But, think about how much you missed out on while at work. If you have kids, how is the homeschooling experience going? If you enjoy it, what do you need to change in your life to continue homeschooling? What would be a perfect balance for you and your family?

  5. Happiness: What makes you happy? Really think about what brings you peace and joy. How can you get more of that happiness in your daily life after quarantine is over? If you don't truly know what makes you happy, now is a great time to go on that journey of self-discovery to figure it out.

  6. Fitness/Eating: Our lives have changed dramatically with the gyms being closed and the restaurants no longer allowing dine-in service. This means that many people aren't working out as much and may unfortunately be eating more than ever. Now is the time to start working out at home and start taking note of what we are consuming. This will require a ton of discipline if you would like to reach your body and fitness goals, but you can do it! Let's try to come out of quarantine looking like a snack, not like we ate them all :)

The biggest lesson that this quarantine should teach us is to not go back to our old life, that one wasn't working for most of us anyways. We should instead be focused on rebirthing a new reality, the one that we desire and would enjoy living in. I know that we can all come out of this happier, stronger and better than ever. I would love to hear what you are working on and how you plan on propelling out of your cocoon when this hibernation period is over.