Holiday Switch-up

Hey Everyone!

We have officially made it to the last month of the year, December. This month is typically one where we spend all of our time and energy on family and friends. The average American invests hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars on toys that our children will no longer play with, jewelry our mothers won't wear and sweaters that our uncles can't fit. I have been a passenger on the Christmas train for many years and this year I have decided that I no longer want to ride. I've never been interested in watching the Black Friday fights, standing in the long lines to sit on Santa's lap or attending the Ugly Christmas sweater parties. I have decided that I would prefer to wrap my year up with a more fulfilling experience with my son. Which means I have decided to use our Christmas budget to travel and have some real fun. For our winter end trip this year I have selected Orlando for our destination, in future years I plan on making these international trips. There's two things I want to cover with you if you are interested in replacing your presents with memories.

1) How to break the news to the kids and ensure they still enjoy the festivities

2) How to make it happen on a budget

Informing my little guy that we were pitching Christmas was an easier conversation than I had predicted. I told him that we would no longer be celebrating Christmas because there was an entire world to see and I would prefer to take him out to see it, instead of continuing to pile toys on his shelves. Memories instead of presents. His face lit up, he answered with a simple "okay mommy" and I knew he was on board. Once he started hearing about his friends putting up their Christmas trees he wanted to know if we would be putting ours up. I told him we would be celebrating Kwanzaa when we returned from Orlando and that meant no tree, lights or garland would be going up this year. He didn't take that too well until I ensured him that we would go and see the beautiful lights put up by our neighbors in the nearby neighborhoods. He is now in a state of excitement about our upcoming adventures and is adamant about sharing our new tradition with others. Many of my friends and family members have asked me how did I go about sharing the news with Deuce and many assumed that a seven year old wouldn't take the news that great. Though, he isn't the average seven year old, especially when it comes to Christmas. When he was only three years old he looked me in my face and told me I was Santa. Tips that I would share with others who are attempting to take on this journey with their little people are as follows:

  • Make it exciting! Don't share the news that their toys will be taken away without first announcing how much fun they will have in place of those toys.

  • Make it family centered. Going on this year end trip means a lot to me, not only because we are breaking tradition and doing something different but because it also gives me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my son. No phones, minimal technology, just love and fun in a city we've never been before.

  • Make memories! When you go to new places, try new things, go to the special places where the locals hang and really take the time to enjoy being somewhere new. This will ensure you create valuable memories with your loved ones.

The plan to take on memories instead of presents was definitely centered with my budget in mind. I didn't want to make this trip cost more than I usually would spend on Christmas gifts. Being that my Christmas budget typically ranges from $500 to $1000 I decided to set a budget of $750 for the Orlando trip, with the intention of making this a 4-5 day vacation. I was pretty successful on my mission, though the budget slightly changed due to 2 additional family members joining, which actually allowed me to easily come in under budget. There are a few sites that I like to use for traveling and you may have heard of or used them before:

  • Tripmasters: Allows you to customize your trip to create an affordable package

  • Travelzoo: Packages all over the world with flights, hotels and more

  • Airfordable: Purchase your flight in installments

  • Groupon: Getaway tab offers hotels, all-inclusive, romantic, beach and more for budgeter

  • AirBNB: So many great options, from campgrounds, tiny houses, treehouses and more, great prices

I also had to do some online research to find the best place to purchase our tickets as I filled our itinerary with fun! I started with Legoland Florida Resort's website because that was the most important stop on the trip. When I arrived on the site I sought out the bundle packages that they had available. They offer a few packages that include access to their water park, other local attractions or even hotel rooms. These packages lead me to the sites of other local attractions, where I searched their sites for offers and discounts. I came across the offer that best fit our needs and budget on the Madame Tussauds Orlando website. The package includes access to all of the following:

  • Legoland Florida Resort

  • SEALIFE Orlando

  • ICON Orlando

  • Madame Tussauds Orlando

This package was listed at the rate of $110 per adult and I believe the children's tickets were $105. The walk-up rate for this bundled deal is $170 so definitely be sure to purchase online if you are interested. There are other packages available that may better fit the needs of your family and your ideal trip so be sure to search around. I couldn't find a package that included Wonderworks though it was a must see for us, so I purchased those tickets separately. There is a slight price advantage by ordering online and there is currently a $2 off coupon available too.

When it came down to the property I wanted something, private, clean and affordable. I found a property near Legoland on AirBNB and it came in at roughly $98 a night once fees and taxes were included. Not a bad deal at all in my opinion for a two bed room bungalow, right off the lake. If I had to plan this trip again I would definitely have booked something closer to Orlando being that all of the attractions that we purchased tickets for are in Orlando, excluding Legoland. I now realize that Legoland is 40 minutes away from Orlando. We will be in Florida for 4 days so we have more than enough time to see all of the attractions on our itinerary even with the additional miles on our travel times.

When we return from our trip we will be celebrating Kwanzaa, which will give us some additional opportunities to spend family time. My son of course is pleased about this addition because he is aware of the gifting element. I believe that changing our family routine from the traditional Christmas Chaos will be a peaceful experience and I look forward to seeing the world with my little guy, without the pressure of buying his happiness. This of course will be a transition that will take a few years, especially as our family members get out of the habit of buying us Christmas gifts. But, we will gladly take gift cards for our travel spending!

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life make sure to check out the Momming on a Budget shop, kids and mens gear have been added! Just remember this season should be about family, love and appreciation not debt and distress!

I would love to hear how you feel about breaking the traditional Christmas present routine in exchange for memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Drop your comments below, send me an email at or DM me @sonshine_enterprise on IG with your opinion.

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