Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail II

Welcome back to Business & Budgets! I hope you are off to an amazing start with your plan of action that you have put in effect for the new year. If you haven't checked out part I of Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail Part I, check it out here! In this post we will cover the different types of goals you should set for yourself. I also have attached a few worksheets to help you plan your goals and track your progress.

There are 5 different types of goals you should plan for a well rounded strategy. These five categories are:

Personal Goals: How do you want to look and behave

Family, Friends & Relationship Goals: How do you want to relate and communicate

Heart & Spirit Goals: How do you want to feel, glow and grow

Financial Goals: How much do you want save, invest, increase and spend your funds

Work, Career and Study Goals: How are you going to take your work life to the next level

In an effort to help you plan your goals and break them down into something more feasible I have attached a few of my own personal examples.

Personal Goal Example: Take better care of my body

How to get to this goal: Eating cleaner and working out more often

Month Goals: Don't eat meat more than 4+ times, workout at 12+ times

Weekly Breakdown: Shop local, add more vegan recipes to the kitchen, 2 workouts and 1 run

Family, Friends and Relationships Goal Example: Connect with mentees more frequently

How to get to this goal: Call them more often and set up activities to meet in person

Month Goals: Meet with all mentees at least once, ensure goals are progressing

Weekly Breakdown: One call a week, review weekly objectives, keep them motivated

Heart & Spirit Goal Example: Meditate frequently, until daily goal is met

How to get to this goal: Make time for meditation, make spaces comfortable for meditation

Month Goals: Increase goal every month, January goal is 10 meditations, February goal is 12

Daily Breakdown: Wake up earlier, follow rising routine: Prayer, Meditation, Workout

Financial Goal Example: Save $2500 for winter vacation trip

How to get to this goal: Consistent saving and reductions to spending

Month Goals: Save at least $200 a month in cash, invest at least $10 via Stash

Weekly Breakdown: Review budget and be sure to watch spending carefully

Work, Career or Study Goal Example: Return to school to obtain MBA in the fall

How to get to this goal: Take MBA and apply for school

Month Goals: Study consistently, register for GMAT, apply to schools, enroll for classes

Weekly Breakdown: Create a study schedule, set alarms and use a quiet space, 1 pretest a week

Take some time to print out the worksheets and fill them out, tape them somewhere that you can see easily throughout the day, print multiple copies if you need to. No matter what, stay focused and don't forget what you are working towards!

Annual Goal Review

Monthly Goal Planner

Monthly Breakdown

Plan of Action

Bonus Annual Overview for Successful People

Due to a recent blog update I cannot load PDFs directly to the blog anymore :( Please click the links above to print your worksheets! If you have technical issues please email and we will forward you the PDFs!

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