Cheap Spring Fun for Kids

Welcome back to Momming on a Budget!

In a world of tablets, TV's and touchscreen phones it sometimes can become difficult to keep your little one entertained when they have become so accustomed to heavy stimuli. I’ll tell you about a few activities that are free or cheap, that keep my little one entertained around the spring season. I’ll also share with you my favorite places to discover new activities.

Outdoor Activities

  • It’s getting warm out, head to your local park. The more frequently you go the sooner you’ll meet other parents and you guys can schedule future playdates for the long summer days. Park networking has always been one of my favorite tactics for keeping my little one busy especially as the summer quickly approaches.

  • Check out the free festivals and events that your town has to offer. I like to start with the Parent magazine to find out what’s happening, they’re typically tucked away in the back but they’re also online.

  • Also, be sure to check out NextDoor and other local community boards to see what other moms are up to. If a community board/group doesn’t exist in your area, start one on Facebook or another site.

Indoor Activities

  • Spring Sight Word Garden

  • There are a couple variations of this project depending on the age of your child. You can either use this project to teach site words or to create a garden of mastery as your child begins to successful identify words. Either way allow them to cut, write and glue as much of the project as possible.

  • Just use construction paper for the petals, popsicle sticks for the stem & glue/tape for bonding. (Frugal tip: petals can also be made with one-side recycled paper & crayons)

  • We are using our garden to show mastery and will be growing it all through the summer as Deuce continues to learn how to read. Here's a picture of our first flower before we "planted it in the garden" (taped it to the wall)

  • Also, be sure to check out for tons of free fun activities and games for your little people.

  • Pretend Fun

  • Spring is all about fun, color and life. Use this time of year to teach about animals and their cycles. Bring these lessons into pretend play by acting as an animal, your child can act out the role of the farmer or vet attempting to learn more about you.

  • Teach about colors, use food coloring and finger paint to show primary and secondary colors. Point out the colors of the blooming flowers and plants around us.

  • Plant something! Even if it’s just a sunflower in a cup, it will teach your child about the life cycle of a plant and about responsibility.