Cheap/Free Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Cheap/Free Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

If you’re here reading this post I know two things about you: 1) You’re a procrastinator like me 2) You have some people around you that need some presents today!

Don’t worry I’m here to help!


  1. Coupon Book: You know those things you hate to do that your spouse lovvvves for you to do? Now’s the time to show them your love with a custom coupon book! Don’t forget to add the kinky and romantic coupons too 😉

  2. Dinner & $3 gift: Have dinner, cook it yourself, make it meaningful. Have an indoor picnic or a candle lit dinner. When it’s over, present them with oil and a candle or bubble bath and a candle, continue the party from there.


  1. 14 Reasons Why: Tell your little ones how much they mean to you. Type or draw up a list of 14 reasons why you love them. Get creative, sticky notes on the mirror, cardboard heart over their bed, whatever, have fun.

  2. Coupon Book Kids Version: Give your little babies a couple freebies, a day that they can skip the dishes, a day where they can stay up late, free hugs and kisses!


  1. Unexpected love note: Do you have a friend that you need to express your love to? Make a homemade love note expressing your appreciation and stick it in their mailbox.

  2. Snacks: Come on who doesn’t like handmade goodies, especially when they’re heart shaped. Cookies, cakes, pies, whatever. Bake it, split it up, wrap it and share!

I hope these help! Good luck fellow procrastinators! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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