5 Branding Tips to Increase Your Sales

Welcome back to another edition of Business & Budgets! I hope you guys have been tuning in for the B&B Live on Instagram every Sunday, there are only 8 episodes left! In this post we will be talking branding, what a brand is and things that you can do to make your brand stand out.

The quality of your brand is directly correlated to your sales. Customers like brands that are sleek, simple, professional and capable of of serving them a quality product. Examples of bad branding include: using your personal email address, juggling multiple logos and color palettes or attempting to sell a variety of products and services that don't make sense together. Don't fret, all of these problems have solutions.

Your brand defines who you are, what your business does and who you plan on selling to. Branding is the visual identity of your brand. This typically includes your logos, company colors, brand fonts, etc. Now that the world of technology has given you instant access to CEO's you now have to be responsible for your personal brand too. Your personal brand consists of how you talk, how you dress, your personality and how you carry yourself overall. Your personal brand should be consistent with your business brand.

Example: If you own a daycare, you may develop a colorful and fun brand. When you post to social media you may use alphabet blocks and bright colors. When people see you in person they expect you to be a fun loving person with a bright personality. If you prefer to be professional and buttoned up, that should be consistent in your business and personal brand.

1) Invest in yourself. Are you investing in your brand? Do you have a professional logo? Do you have branded apparel? Have you ordered multiple samples to ensure you are offering the best quality product? If you are not investing in your brand it will be obvious. If you are not investing in your business, why should anybody else?

This is also true when it comes to bringing investors on board. Whether you are going to a bank or an individual they will want to know how much you have invested. As a rule of thumb, invest at least ten percent of what you plan on requesting from investors.

2) Be consistent. Make sure that you are always consistent in the way that you showcase both your personal and business brand. Is your logo the same on all platforms? What is the voice or your personal brand and the aesthetic of your business? Make sure you are also being consistent in how often you engage with your audience! Does your website match your social media? If not, make sure it does.

3) Would you buy from you? What does your website or buying platform look like? Does it look professional? Is it a secure place to make a purchase? Potential customers hate sketchy brands! When you are new you want to be sure that people feel safe giving you their money. Make sure you test your website! Does it function correctly? Is it easy to navigate? Do you immediately receive an alert when someone makes a new purchase?

4) Be a walking billboard! This is your brand and if it is going to grow into the empire you dream of you are going to have to make some sales! Tell everybody about your brand whenever the opportunity presents itself. Wear your brand often, so that people can ask about it. If you have physical products (i.e. books, shirts, lipgloss) keep them in your trunk or in your bag. Be sure to keep business cards on hand and special offer flyers.

5) Don't be afraid to ask for the sale. Tell people exactly where they can buy your product and if you are following #4 you should have the product with you. Also, don't be afraid to ask someone to join your email list, have the site pinned in your phone for easy access. Growing your email list is a sure way to increase your sales with strong email marketing.

Now that you are equipped with these tips, go out there and get it! Your brand is everything, so make sure it is strong and memorable to start increasing your sales today. If you are not subscribed to the blog, click here to subscribe now!