Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail!

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Welcome back to another edition of Business & Budgets! Today I will be helping you figure out a plan of action to truly meet your goals this year. The first step to achieving your goals is to map out a plan. One of my favorite quotes states, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I don't know about you but I've had more than enough failures and I am ready to plan something different.

The first thing you need to determine is your planning style. Are you more of a digital planner or a paper & pen person? I know that some people like both, but for the sake of clarity and efficiency I have separated the two. Once you determine a style you can then decide which apps or planners would work best for you. Use these tools to make your life easier, don't make things too complicated by attempting to use too many tools at once. I always encourage use you to try out a few options before making a decision, but once you make a decision stick to it so that the tool can be useful. Otherwise you end up with 3 planners, 8 apps and way too much confusion.

Digital Planning Tips

Choose one calendar! Utilizing multiple calendars typically leads to things being double booked or completely missed. To avoid having a stressful situation or a missed opportunity select one calendar and stick to it. There is nothing wrong with syncing your calendars to one another (i.e. Apple calendar events appear on your Google calendar), just be sure to be consistent. Be sure to stick notification reminders on your events and include the commute to ensure you are on time. If you are a person who wears many hats look into setting up multiple calendars within the same app. For example, within my Google Calendar I have 3 calendars, one for home tasks, one for business and one for miscellaneous events. They are all a different color so that I can quickly review my calendar and know what's going on.

Use apps. Find tools that work for you, that will assist with the planning and executing process. These apps will help hold you accountable and help you meet your goals. Here are the top apps that I recommend:

  • BeFocused Pro

  • ​To-Do List to track completed and upcoming pomodoros (20 minutes of focused activity)

  • Track number of daily pomodoros and allows you to set a daily goal

  • Focus to Do

  • ​Can create projects and then assign number of pomodoros required to complete each

  • Analytical data on when and how long you continuously work

  • Done

  • ​Allows you to keep track of daily re-occurring goals

  • Review weekly or monthly to track your progress

Paper Planning Tips

Everyone has a different mindset and different set of goals, so picking a planner is personal. Determine which of these planner types best fits your style.

  • Open Planners: Minimal structure and tons of open space

  • Big and Small Planners: Space for short term and long term goals, most have vision board and topic breakdowns