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We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, here at Sonshine, we have developed resources to allow you to do just that. Our courses and books were designed with entrepreneurs in mind. Courses include workbooks and most of our eBooks are available in paperback versions too. Scroll through our resources to find what you need.



This course will teach you how to establish and build business credit, which is separate from your personal credit and can be used to secure loans, lines of credit, and other financing for your business. You will learn about the different types of business credit, such as trade credit, bank credit, and how to establish a positive credit history for your business. The course will also cover strategies for managing and maintaining a strong business credit score, as well as how to use your credit to access funding for growth and expansion. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and tools to establish and maintain a strong business credit profile, giving you access to the financing you need to grow your business.<