Coronavirus has shaken up the finances of many individuals in our lives, maybe even yourself. I decided to bundle both books so that you could learn to save and invest, right now when it matters most!


Saving Money & Time in the Kitchen!

The book you've been waiting for has arrived! Are you tired of spending too much money on food? Are you tired of always slaving in the kitchen to make a decent meal? Well stress no longer Momming on a Budget has a solution for you. Applying these tips to your life will save you up to 40% on groceries and hundreds of hours in the kitchen!This book is for budgeters who are ready to make changes to their lifestyle in order to meet their financial goals. Food is one of the top three expenses of all households and this book teaches you how to drastically reduce your spending. The worksheets included will help you map out a plan of action to start dining out less and utilizing your kitchen more often. If you prefer to dine out there are tips and tricks on how to cut the costs at your favorite restaurants as well. The second element of this book is focused on teaching you how to save your time while grocery shopping and preparing your meals. This book will set you up to stop being a slave to your stove. Learn how to efficiently meal plan, meal prep and take back your life.Click here for a free book preview! Get the Kindle version from Amazon here!


Breaking the Chains: Teaching Your Kids the Money Lessons You Weren't Taught

Many of us aren't taught how to be successful with money. Conversations about credit and investing don't come up until we are old enough to get credit cards and trading accounts. This book teaches you about all the important money lessons, in an easy format that you can share with your children. I walk you through my financial journey from growing up in poverty to becoming successful at managing money and meeting my financial goals. We'll cover everything from stocks, to bonds, to where money actually comes from and more.


This book includes flashcards, an easy to understand list of financial terms and worksheets to help you map out a financial plan with and for your little people. 


Click here for a free book preview! Also available as an eBook on Amazon.

Book Bundle

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