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Featured Interviews

Check out my most recent interviews and podcasts with entrepreneurs and local media outlets.

Quitting Your Job as a Mother

In this episode I discuss my journey to becoming the founder of the Sonshine Enterprise and developed into the millennial momprenuer that I am today. This interview is refreshing, insightful, and extremely powerful. Watch my interview with Arylle here!

Meet Jacqueline B

This is an interview that I did with Voyage ATL back in 2017! So cool to see how much my business and grown and developed since then! Click here to read about how I began my business and about what my goals for Sonshine were five years ago.


Meet Jah B - Work Life Balance

In this interview I discuss what Work-Life balance means to me and how my opinion on it has changed throughout the years. Becoming an entrepreneur was a decision I made to obtain more of this balance, though at times I feel like I have even less hours than before LOL. Read this interview in full here.

Mompreneur Life Vs Whole Life

On this episode of Naturally Yours Podcast, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ty The Natural. Listen now to hear how I went from working a 9-5 to retiring myself from corporate America.


Hidden Gems: Meet Jah B 

In this interview I discuss how I got started on my entrepreneurial journey. What problems I faced and what I originally went to college for. You'll also learn about who my biggest supporter is and what's up next for me and Sonshine!

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