Denver's Bottom
Denver's Bottom is a company that makes handmade diaper covers for little ones ranging in ages 0-24months. All diaper covers are embroidered with designs of influential Black people in Black culture.
DaWit Publishing LLC
We publish children's books that promote STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Math), self-esteem and diversity. Our mission is to Educate, Entertain, & Empower children through issue-driven books that "Teaches Young Minds through Science and Rhymes" and teaches children "To be as Happy, Healthy, and Successful as can be,You first have to start with the words I Love Me.”
Billionaire Coming Soon
Billionaire Coming Soon is for the millennial woman of color who is doing whatever it takes to become finically free. She wears the Billionaire Coming Soon as a sign that she’s about her money.
Jus Bfly
We are T shirt brand that serves ish talkers with a unicorn twist!!!
Therapy Boutique & Vegan Bakery
Welcome to Therapy Boutique & Vegan Bakery, where we focus on providing therapy to customers via vegan food, hand-made crochet ware, healing skincare and more.

Healing is a 360 degree process that involves tackling and understanding spiritual, mental, and physical health. TherapyBVB aims to promote the complete well-being of its community via products and information dissemination that allow us to assist each other and ourselves in transforming our pain into power. We encourage everyone to take every struggle/obstacle and use it as a building block for inner growth, self-actualization, and self-awareness, as well as the healing of others.
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