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Moon Goddess Tarot, LLC

Quiana Jackson

Business Summary

I Aim to Assist in Others in their Journey of Healing Through Tarot, Oracle, Crystals, Astrology and other Holistic Modalities. I Aim to Encourage All Levels of Growth, Enhance Peace, and Cultivate Awakened Minds. Moon Goddess Tarot, LLC is based in Richmond, Virginia, but is available to service anyone, anywhere who is Actively seeking to Nourish their Soul and Elevate their Frequency to become the Best Version of themselves!

About the Owner

I have always been deeply drawn to the Moon as a child and it has been very therapeutic for me even as an adult...little did I know, the connection was much deeper. I've been studying astrology, dream interpretations, and crystal healing for years, but began studying tarot late 2016/early 2017. In June 2018, Moon Goddess was revealed to me as a Vision during a meditation session. To read more about that experience, read about it here. I found that tarot was another major tool for my own Inner Healing and that I could utilize this gift to be of Service to others in providing Guidance for their healing by Tarot/Oracle cards and more. I was called to Teach others how to use the Moon's energy to heal, to dive deep into their own ocean of emotions, and use their inner light to move through the darkness. Being able to share my own healing tools with others and see them benefiting from it brightens up my World.

Additional Info

"I Am The Reflection of Light from the Sun in Times of Darkness." - Moon Goddess Tarot, LLC



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