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Mertina Writing Services

Danielle Procope Bell

Business Summary

Mertina Writing Services (MWS) is a premier academic writing and editing service that has completed over 400 writing jobs worldwide since 2015. We are known for completing jobs with alacrity and precision. Our highly trained and enthusiastic team ensures that each client receives customized help that allows their unique voice to shine through their writing. We assist with a wide variety of academic and professional writing assignments and provide academic consulting services.
With us good writing is made easy!

About the Owner

Danielle founded MWS in 2015 to help students and young professionals like herself. She has nearly a decade of experience in copy editing and writing tutoring and enjoys using her expertise to ensure the best results for her multitude of clients. Danielle has a bachelor's degree in English and Philosophy from University of the Pacific and two master's degrees in Comparative Literature and English from University College London and Vanderbilt University, respectively. She has a strong history of working as an academic and professional editor and has personally assisted hundreds of students. She finds this work rewarding—especially when she's able to help students gain acceptance into programs or receive scholarships. Since 2015, MWS has developed a track record of providing quality writing assistance to clients throughout the world and she’s excited to see this business continue help many more individuals.

Additional Info

MWS does remote, online-based editing and consultation in conjunction with working locally in Nashville, Tennessee. We are a growing business that is excited to excellently serve our increasing client base by being on the frontier of academic and professional editing and consulting services. We care deeply about ensuring that our clients' needs are met and we celebrate every one of their victories whether it's a college or graduate school acceptance, a successful doctoral defense, winning a scholarship, or getting a new job. Our priority is fully satisfying our clients with the quality and alacrity of our work so that they want to return to us with any writing needs they may have. We know the power of good writing and we make sure that all of our clients receive optimal assistance every single time, no exceptions!



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