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FaNeician Russ

Business Summary

My company(brand) will serve everyone! Honor up is my brand, selling merchandise for my kings and queens but also encouraging my kings and queens. It will later be tied in with TheFaNeicianRussShow, promoting businesses and doing interviews with my customers to tell their stories, encouraging others. Its never too late, never stop, keep going , trust GOD, and honor up!

About the Owner

I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur but overall I am a Queen. I've made many past mistakes and been in situations I never would of imagined, but I pushed through all obstacles! I've learned alot, grew alot, and became wiser in each situation to turn it around. Owning my own business was something I always wanted. Staying determined throughout the years I became stronger and smarter, having to honor up my own life and I encourage you to do the same! #honorup

Additional Info


Retail, Clothing

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