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About Jah

Jah B, the Millennial Mompreneur, offers help to entrepreneurs who are struggling to reach their business and financial goals. With a track record of assisting hundreds of small business owners since 2016, Jah is a master budgeter and time manager, specializing in teaching others how to balance work and family. Whether you are starting a new business or finally ready to delegate responsibilities, Jah can guide you towards success. The Sonshine Enterprise was founded to assist moms and young entrepreneurs in starting their businesses correctly and efficiently.

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My Story

Welcome to my website! My name is Jah, and I'm delighted that you're here. I hope you'll gain some valuable insight before you leave. The Sonshine Enterprise was founded to help new and growing entrepreneurs start their businesses efficiently and legally. In my previous roles as a paralegal and former employee of corporate America, (with roles ranging from the education to the science sector), I made a huge observation. They all aimed for profit, with little regard for fair compensation. I knew I would never be paid my fair share, no matter how much I increased the bottom line. I figured if I was great at helping businesses, I should do just that. Thus, Sonshine was born, offering consulting services such as filing licenses, creating websites, writing contracts and mapping business plans. After six months of complimentary services, Sonshine was launched to the public and I left my corporate job. Sonshine now works with small companies across the US, helping with business development, marketing, client retention, legal documents and money management. The goal is to empower clients to operate their businesses efficiently and independently, with Sonshine providing support for 3-12 months. The focus is on the client's dream, vision and future success. As of 2023 I have decided to develop a community for entrepreneurs who are ready to reach the next level with support, education and encouragement from their accountability partners, if you are interested, head over to Back to Bartering to submit your interest form!


Want to learn more? Please check out some of my recent interviews and podcast appearances!

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