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About Jacqueline B


Jacqueline is the Senior Consultant at The Sonshine Enterprise. She is formerly trained as a paralegal who graduated from the University of Georgia's Paralegal Program in May 2015, after completing her Bachelor's at Emory University in May 2014. Jacqueline brings knowledge of small business operations, data analysis and best efficiency practices to maximize results. She prides herself in giving all of her clients the respect and time they need to reach their goals. Whether it be a client that is still in the idea development phase or a company preparing an exiting strategy, she aims for the same results.


"I want you to walk away from each meeting with me, feeling one step closer to creating the company of your dreams."

Jacqueline is author of seven books and has created  a Youtube/Podcast, entitled Business and Budgets to teach mompreneurs and millennials how to save money. Many viewers/listeners have reached out with specific questions about how they can cut their expenses. After constantly highlighting the importance of a food budget, she decided to write a book about it. Saving Money & Time in the Kitchen is a guide that teaches you exactly how to meet your financial goals in the kitchen. Included worksheets assist you in the creation of your very own Strategic Food Plan. Click here to download the book preview or to purchase now.

The Birth of Sonshine Enterprise

The Story

The Sonshine Enterprise was founded with the goal of helping moms and young entrepreneurs get their businesses started legally and efficiently. After working in corporate America, in education, the legal industry and the world of science I came to realize they all had one thing in common. That one thing was that their primary goal was to increase profit. That meant that no matter how much money I helped the company make, their goal would never be to pay me my fair share.


I worked with start-ups where I created structure and handbooks, I worked with larger companies where I increased sales by adding efficiency to the production process. In none of these roles was I fairly compensated for the amount of revenue I was bringing in. I knew the only way that I would get paid my worth is if I worked for myself. Whether it was just a side hustle or a full blown business, I knew I wanted to have at least one stream of income in my control. 

I used my paralegal training, creative talents and HR knowledge to build the foundation of The Sonshine Enterprise. I have always been capable of translating an idea into an executional plan of action, so I tested my consulting services out with my entrepreneur friends. I filed licenses, built websites, wrote contracts, mapped out business plans and more. After six months of complimentary services I was confident in The Sonshine Enterprise and I officially launched the brand to the public. Three months later, I left corporate America and decided I would never again work for a company that doesn't care about adequately compensating their employees.


I now work with various small companies across the United States who have a great product or service; but they have trouble with business development, marketing, client retention, legal documents or money management. Sonshine is the solution to these problems. Many coaches will tell you what needs to be done and others will execute for you. But, how many of those companies will teach you how to do it yourself? Very few. Here at Sonshine Enterprise we want you to learn how to operate your business in the most efficient way possible, independently. Our average client hires us for three to twelve months, after that they are able to take hold of their new tools and systems to make their companies shine. We care about your dream, your company and your future. We are ready to hold your hand every step of the way, until you are ready to fly solo into your success.

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